OmegaTRADER® Execution TradingApp

The OmegaTRADER® order execution TradingApp is our flagship program. We designed and built this with the active trader in mind. A trader that requires speed and maneuverability requires an app that promises to deliver a customized, fast and user friendly order interface, without compromising functionality. The OmegaTRADER will give you so many customizable options that will wonder how you ever traded without it. Image being able to completely configure and design your order entry window, just the way you always wanted. You will have advanced features and functionality, only available in expensive hedge fund and investment bank software programs. Your enjoyment of trading will take on a new role with the ease of use and flexibility that you have at your fingertips on the powerful Tradestation platform.

A Few Enhanced Features Include:

  • Customizable Panels
  • Custom, Quick Order Button Layout and Coloring
  • Custom, Quick Quantity Buttons
  • Speed Symbol Buttons
After you try it, you will wonder how you lived without it…..

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