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    The Omega SUPERSS is one of our leading programs designed to aggregate news that creates trades. You will be able to capture late breaking news which may not be broadcast to your favourite financial TV show or news feed. With Omega SUPERSS, we have harnessed the power of the Tradestation Object Oriented Easylanguage programming technology to pull, sort and deliver the latest headlines from the leading news providers using the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) technology. This can be considered news texts that are delivered to you in a clean and professional way to keep you up on the latest news around the globe that can make markets move. The headlines are broadcast and a simple click will bring up the story by the provider. Imagine having news from tens of sources on various subjects tailored just for you. You select the news feed that you want with the click of a mouse and let the Omega SUPERSS do the work keeping you informed. Our TradingApp is a must for people who follow the market day by day and minute by minute to stay on top of the latest news on the street.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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