Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Customized TradingApps can be easily developed by Advanced Trading Solutions which would be innovative, state of the art and user-friendly. All TradingApps developed by Advanced Trading Solutions are powered by Tradestation’s Object Oriented EasyLanguage (OOEL).

Allow us to discuss your TradingApp idea with you to see if we can provide you with the technology to help your trading business.  Customized TradingApps provide traders with versatility and sometimes that makes all the difference.

Advanced Trading Solutions can make completely customized trading apps. Right from the design elements to the scheduling of updates, from filtering industry information to facilitating a unique and exclusive profile of a trader to make the most of the apps, almost any level of customization can be indulged in with TradingApps to make them truly effective and rewarding.

Tradestation’s growing platform of technology allows far superior systems and Graphic User Interfaces to be developed and deployed to run your simple or complex ideas or strategies. You can now make your trading systems more efficient, faster and easier to use.

Please contact us with your project and allow us the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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