About Us


Advanced Trading Solutions was founded to provide computer programming support and products to fellow traders, including proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, money managers and day-traders.  The goal was, and still is, to empower the trader with automation, TradingApps, systems, and indicators for their trading strategies and business.

Programmer / Mechanical Engineer:
Bryce Tendy, the founder of Advanced Trading Solutions, has been using Tradestation since 1997 when it was only a chart based system. Bryce has worked at some of New York’s prestigious proprietary trading firms and hedge funds trading and involved in software technologies.  Over the years, Bryce has developed a passion for writing software to help traders compete against the computerized systems in the market.  Bryce holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England University.  He has spent many years in the engineering industry including aerospace and thin film design for microwave technology.  Bryce also started one of the first companies to control vehicles with a cellular phone using a paging network. Bruce has written numerous patents and holds various IP for his work.

Through his trading years as a Tradestation customer, Bryce was an active tester of the Tradestation® Prosuite 2000i program and is currently an avid beta tester of the current platform, focusing on Object-Oriented Easylanguage® and TradingAppTM technology. He has been using Easylanguage for almost twenty years and programs for fun to create fun and useful tools for trading. He is also featured in many Tradestation advertisements, industry publications as well as speaks to potential clients and groups.

As a result of Bryce passion for software development, he has focused his time on increasing his software offerings.  Upon completion of Bruce’s new line of software programs along with his collaborative efforts with his U.K. partner on their automated trading system,  Bryce will offer these new programs on the TradingApp Store TM.

Bryce is the proud winner of two of the top five awards for TradingApp development in the 2013 TradingApp Developer Challenge.  His OmegaTrader and OmegaAlerts where the two winners against some other wonderful programs developed by some of the best program developers.